A New Urban & Paranormal Fantasy Author’s Blog

Welcome to the blog of L.W. Patricks, a new Urban and Paranormal Fantasy author. If you haven’t guessed by now (but seriously, you should have guessed already), I’m El Dubya.

Anyone who tells you writing a book is easy is lying through their teeth or a very shitty writer. When I first started writing my new Urban Fantasy series for teens entitled Sins of the 7, I wasn’t prepared for the challenges ahead: creating a fascinating and believable world, writing a complete story with three-dimensional characters, avoiding cliches like projectiles from a monkey’s ass. I haven’t even gotten into the marketing part of it yet, which honestly makes the writing part a slice of pie.

Some days, you struggle to think of that solitary idea that sparks the life of an entire universe, whose secrets only you can unlock. Other days, you already have it all figured out but those silly words on your white manuscript fail to fit together in a beautiful and profound way.

And then comes the amazing day where you’ve finished your manuscript, uploaded to Amazon, Kobo, and all those other distributors, and sit there wondering just how the hell you’re getting to get people to read your hard work.

For the past year, I’ve been writing like a possessed chimp on a typewriter, hammering away at the keys until I finally finished my first novel Shadow of Wrath.

I’m extremely proud of it. Of course, now comes the hard part of having people find it. It’s hard for first time obscure authors to break in and have their works discovered. There are so many other amazing writers who have written masterpieces in my genre; Dystopian novels that are trend setters such as Lord of the Flies, the Handmaid’s Tale, and Hunger Games.

This blog is a like an open diary into my world, where a long journey lies ahead. I want to write and I want the world to read what I write and feel something about it (good or bad). And along the way I hope to share my knowledge I have accumulated through my success and my failures.

Hello world. Time to unlock all your secrets.

– L