Why Are These Teen Fiction Book Covers So Popular? Pt. 1

Why are these teen fiction book covers so popular?

They always say ‘never judge a book by its cover.’ But guess what? Sometimes you need a great cover to sell your book, especially if you’re going through the self publishing route.

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I thought I’d pick the top 10 book covers of 2012 according to goodreads and, over the course of 3 posts, dissect them and figure out if there are any noticeable patterns. Let’s get started.


Focus: Beautiful girl looking ambivalent

Colours: Bright and glittery

Typography: Simple text with embellishment in white.

Background: None

Summary: A simple headshot of a girl in her teen with interesting makeup looking impassively at the reader. The typography is clean with background embellishment.

City of Lost Souls

Focus: Handsome man and beautiful girl in a romantic embrace.

Colours: Dark colours with the exception of the main girl, who steals the cover with crimson outfit and hair.

Typography: Gothic with a bit of bleeding on some edges. White colour.

Background: Dark clouds and a bridge. The two subjects superimposed atop, almost god-like.

Summary: A beautiful couple cast against a gothic background with a typography to match.


Focus: What looks to be female hands.

Colours: Dark purple contrasted with a light blue. Dark tones overall.

Typography: Clear and simple bold font in white.

Background: Black

Summary: Simple cover with hands manipulating good contrasting colours creating a magic effect. The typography is bold, prevalent, and white.


Focus:  A woman in an elegant white dress and jet black hair . Has her back turned to the reader.

Colours: Dark greys, white, and black prevalent.

Typography: Fancy typography with a bit of a gothic style. It’s white.

Background: Looks to be a cliffside.

Summary: An image of a young? woman walking away from the reader, headed into an area beyond the cliffs. A lot of mystery to this cover. The typography is a white angelic/gothic twist.


Focus: A beautiful woman in a white dress walking away from a bare chested teenage romeo. No attention paid to the reader.

Colours: Black, white, and grey.

Typography: All in lower case and a fancy calligraphy with flares at the ends of the letters. White colour.

Background: Looks to be cliffside, with crashing waves against the rocks.

Summary: A beautiful couple interacting without any reader focus. Simple black and white colours and a bold, white, lower-case typography that is stylized with flares.


Make sure to check back soon for part 2 of analyzing teen fiction book covers.

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