Why Are These Teen Fiction Book Covers So Popular Pt 2?

Welcome to part 2 of my examination of popular young adult fiction book covers, where I try and deduce the key to their popularity.

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Let’s dive right into it.


Focus: Girl in white dress swimming in ocean.

Colours: White and and grayish-blue tint for water.

Typography: Simple white with embellishment on the ‘O’ and some curves on the ‘S.’

Background: Dark waters

Summary: A girl in white swimming upwards, with no presence of the reader. The typography is clean and white with a bit of embellishment on the ‘O’ and ‘S.’


Born In Flames

Focus: Beautiful fiery red head staring at the reader.

Colours: Bright reds and orange, clearly accenting the ‘fire’ theme.

Typography: Fancy typography that fits the ‘fire’ theme. It looks to be white with very light shades of orange.

Background: A phoenix and flames.

Summary: A beautiful girl with red hair staring at the reader while a phoenix and fire fills the background. The typography is fancy and has bits of colours to it.


In My Dreams

Focus: Beautiful girl lin white staring at the ground.

Colours: White with shades of grey.

Typography: Handwritten text in white.

Background: A forest with wispy clouds floating around on the ground.

Summary: A predominantly white background with a beautiful girl in white dress searching the ground in a forest. The typography is a handwritten white.



Focus: Two hands, one male and one female, tied together and look to be covered in fire.

Colours: Black, red, and orange.

Typography: Fancy theme, like pen writing, with a red and orange gradient.

Background: Black

Summary: Two hands bound together on fire against a black backdrop. The typography looks like pen writing and has a red and orange gradient.


The Selection

Focus: A young woman in a giant dress staring at the reader.

Colours: Light blues and white.

Typography: Fancy white text that is decorated with a crown atop of it.

Background: Mirrors with the main subjects reflection.

Summary: A young woman decked out in a puffy dress stares at the reader while her image is reflected in mirrors. The typography is a fancy white with a crown to top it off.


That’s it folks, tune in for part 3 where I summarize my findings! What are some of your favorites book covers?


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