Why Are These Teen Fiction Book Covers So Popular? Pt 3.

So over the past two posts, I analyzed several teen fiction book covers. Are there any noticeable trends?

Let’s take a look at the results shall we?

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80% of the covers had a beautiful woman as one of the main focuses.

20% of them had a woman’s arms or hands.

20% had another male with them on the cover.

Of the 8 covers that did have a characters fully shown, 75% of them were caucasian while the other 25% were unknown.

Of the 8 covers that have characters fully shown, 50% of them acknowledge the reader in some way.

Of the 8 covers that have characters fully shown, 37.5% of them have red hair, 37.5 % of them have black hair, and 25% is undetermined. (Interesting, no blondes).


30% had the predominant colours of black, white, and grey.

30% had blue shades.

20% had colours associated with fire.

Aside from the colours on the subject matter itself, 100% focused on only 3 primary colours.


30% had clouds

20% of the covers had a fire theme.

20% of the covers had a black background (both the images of just hands).

20% involve a cliff

50% had a background associated with the title of their book.


80 % are simple texts with some form of embellishment on them

80 % of the letters are in solid white

10% have a tint of color with a white base

10 % orange


After analyzing the tope 10 covers from goodreads, what can we conclude?

  1. There is almost always a caucasian female model present in the cover.
  2. Most of the covers have only 3 primary colours used (excluding gradients and different shades of those colours).
  3. Half the time, there is an association between the background and the title of the book.
  4. The typography is almost always white in a simple font with some type of embellishment

Now keep in mind, the sample size I took is awfully small and these are covers ranked by the opinion of goodreads only. Whether there is a correlation between book covers and sales is an entirely different story altogether. However if you just want a general idea for your self-published book cover, then the 4 items listed in the conclusion would be a pretty good starting point.

So what does that mean for my book cover? Absolutely nothing. I tend not to follow trends and try to go against the grain. If you want to see the cover for my Dystopian/Urban Fantasy teen novel, then have a look over here:

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What are some of your favorite book covers thus far? Let’s hear it!