The Ten Commandments of Self-Publishing Pt.3 :Laws 5 Trolls

Welcome back to part three of the Ten Commandments of Self-Publishing. For those that missed parts one and two, you can check them out at the following links:

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Law number 5 I find very important in the success of an author (well aside from being a good writer). You want people to like you, which includes your fans and other professionals in the industry.

Self-publishing Law Number 5: Thou Shall Have A Positive Attitude.

Take a long, hard look at that picture. Is that you? Are you a troll? Or have you met a troll?

For those that don’t know what internet trolls are, they’re people who often post negative comments with no informative substance on message boards, slam others, shit all over a person’s hard work, and find this all funny. They are delusional in thinking they’re a literary Messiah sitting at the top of the hill while taking it upon themselves to put someone else down. I’ve encountered a few myself on writing forums and free content exposure sites (in fact, I’m sure I’m going to get some negative comments on this very post). So how do I react to these primitive Neanderthals that beat their chest while challenging everyone around them to a pissing contest?

I keep my fly zipped up, laugh, and keep on moving. As a writer, you’re going to encounter people that hate what you do and your writing for no reason other than to make themselves look better. But for every one person that shits in your coffee, there are ten others passing you the sugar and cream. Keep calm and listen to Coldplay. Guaranteed to either soothe your soul, put you to sleep, or bring up a different set of problems.

Same with handling negative reviews. You can’t make EVERYONE happy, and there will be times when you’ll receive a negative review or two. DO NOT under any circumstances defend your work to them, email them, post your rants online etc. Keep positive. Listen to the comments and either learn from them or move on. As writers, we need to be professional.

I absolutely hated Michael Bay’s Transformer movies. I thought they were 9 excruciating hours of my life that I could never get back (and yes, even though I hated parts one and two, I went and watched three. Something about listening to Optimus’s voice was nostalgic to me). I gave all three movies a 1 or 2 out of 5 stars at best. Now imagine Michael Bay finding me and unleashing a verbal assault because of my opinion, spewing things like “you’re an idiot, you don’t know a story when it explodes in your face, genital jokes are still funny, no I didn’t kill that one autobot because he was black.” Ridiculous, right?

Stay positive. Stay happy. You wrote a book, and you should be proud.

Destroy that chip on your shoulder and have fun with it all. Love your fans and treat other writers with respect. Help them and they will help you.

I know you can’t always shit rainbows, but don’t shit up a troll either. Trolls smell.

How do YOU deal with trolls and negativity? Let’s hear it in the comments! (And please, no names. Examples are fine, but we don’t want to turn this into a lynching….or do we? Nah, better not).

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