Flash Fiction: The Last Temptation of Snow White


Picture of Snow White illustrated by LiberianGurrl http://liberiangurrl.deviantart.com/

“You look like a slut,” Snow White’s magic mirror had said, just before she and Red Riding Hood entered into the Satanic Gateway (which was really a crude pentagram they had drawn in chicken blood) serving as an entrance to Hell.

There was a time when her mirror told her that she was the fairest of them all, but not tonight. She was dressed like a porn star, her breasts spilling out of her tight vanilla gown. However the Inferno had a strict dress code for women — be scandalous.

“Look at the fuck-candy in line,” Red said as she winked at a couple of pasty-white vampires that stalked them with hungry eyes as they headed straight for the VIP entrance.

“People used to be scared of vampires. Now everyone wants to screw them,” Snow sighed.

“What’s got your panties all sour?” Red asked. Snow shook her head.


“Cheer up bitch, we’re going into the Inferno. We’re going to dance and get bombed tonight,” Red said with a seductive smile.

The Inferno Night Club was the hottest party in all of existence, located in the blazing outskirts of the second circle of Hell. The price of admission was merely a sacrificial chicken and a piece of your soul, which was worth as much as a Mexican peso to many of the club’s regulars — Snow and Red included.

Inside, the dance floor was a fierce ocean of sex-fuelled patrons; waves of sweaty bodies grinding against one another to the beat of an overpowering bass.

As usual, Red had already taken off, in pursuit of a man she would most likely fuck tonight.

Snow stood alone by the bar. Typically she would find a man for herself to remedy the ache of loneliness that she felt far too often, but she was in no mood tonight. It was their anniversary and memories of her Prince were like a knife twisted into her guts.

“Look at yourself,” her mirror had said in disgust while Snow changed to go out. “When did you completely lose yourself?”

It was an easy answer. Gone with her Prince was her innocence, and the fairy tale life that Snow thought she’d live in forever, was replaced with one-night stands, drug-fuelled fantasies, and a bleeding heart.

“Buy you a drink?”

Snow spun around to see a dashing man with misty grey eyes and fire-kissed lips. His very presence was intoxicating as she breathed him in like smoke.

“Not tonight,” Snow politely declined.

“A mystery then?”

She was intrigued. “What’s the mystery?”

The man pulled an onyx box from his jacket and held it in the palm of his hand.

“Inside this box is what you desire most,” he said.

“A back rub?”

He grinned. “No. You long for something else Snow.”

“You know my name?”

“I know everyone’s name that enters my club,” he said. His eyes burned like little stars.

“Lucifer,” she whispered.

“One of my many names,” he said. “The box is yours for a price.”

Snow shook her head. “I’ve been warned about dealing with the devil.”

“I make life interesting,” he said. “Take yours for example. You’re living in a tragedy. You go out, drink, pop pills, have messy and unfulfilling sex, and cry yourself to sleep. Isn’t it time we added spice into your life?”

He was right. She needed something to pull her out of the gutter.

“What do you want for it?” she asked

“Your ring.”

“I can’t.”

“You can.”

“It’s the only memory I have left of him.”

“He’s been gone for over a century,” Lucifer said. “The ring brings you nothing but pain. Let it go.”

Snow reached into her purse and took out the golden band.

“Happily ever after,” her Prince had said to Snow when he slipped it onto her finger. Snow had felt so alive that day. Her Prince had brought her back from the dead and lifted her into his arms. If only she could do the same for him.

Lucifer momentarily directed his attention elsewhere, a look of concern on his face.

“The imp’s at it again,” he cursed. “Stupid bearded gnome keeps flashing his rumpled-foreskin to the girls.”

Snow gripped the ring in her hand and clung onto it as if it were the most precious thing in all the universe.

“I have to handle that pervert before things get ugly. Literally,” Lucifer said. “Make a decision Snow. Mystery box of desires or that totem of sorrow you pathetically cling onto?”

Snow handed the ring over to him as tears streamed down the corner of her eyes.

Lucifer smiled and placed the box in her hand. “Open it at home,” he said before disappearing into the crowd.

Snow was alone again, and she stayed that way for a long time, lost in her thoughts. It wasn’t until the music morphed into a temperamental frenzy that she regained her senses.

She found Red sucking on a Vampire’s face while a werewolf stroked her from behind, leaving a furry mess over her crimson dress. Snow decided to go home alone.


“Are you okay?” her mirror asked when she returned to her condo. “I apologize for my harsh words.”

“It’s okay. You were right.”

Snow sat on the edge of her bed and stared at the box for a while. Finally, she lifted the lid.

Inside was a beautiful blood-red apple, radiating inside the darkness of the box. She immediately drowned in the memories of the past and she began to weep.

“Is everything okay?” the mirror asked.

She nodded.

“What’s in the box?”

“Something I wanted for a long time now,” she whispered.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

Snow looked at the mirror and nodded as she gazed deep into her reflection. She once was a princess but now, all she saw was a ruined woman with mascara bleeding from her eyes. “I just need to sleep. Maybe tonight I can finally live happily ever after again.”




Thanks to http://terribleminds.com/ for hosting the flash fiction challenge. My requirements were fairy tale characters, a nightclub in hell, and a mysterious box.


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