Astonishingly Strange Author Interviews Pt.1: JEN NAUMANN –

Welcome to the first instalment of Astonishingly Strange Author Interviews.

Over the course of my writing career, I’ve met some incredible and fun authors that I think the rest of the Universe (i.e. all my followers) should get to know. They receive L.W. Patrick’s certified gold star of awesome:


Thus, I am beginning to host what I call Astonishingly Strange Author Interviews! Now you readers can get to know them like I do: Wacky, strange, and fun!

My very first test subject is Jen Naumann, who I talked to on twitter after discovering her hash tagging the Gorgasmic show, the Walking Dead.

Sept 2012 headshot-5

Drum roll please…. buh buh buh buh buh buh, the Questions! (You’re probably wondering what kind of drum I own that makes that sound. Have no fear, it doesn’t have a heartbeat).
 Summarize your book in a one-sentence catch phrase.
Not everyone is ready for a zombie apocalypse.
Now in one sentence, tell us why your book kicks ass.
Zombies, good humor and adventure rolled into one – need I say more?
Tell us what your main character’s Plenty of Fish Dating profile looks like?
I’ve been off the market so long I didn’t even know what this was. After checking the website out, I would say something like this:
About: Not the most athletic or coordinated, but could totally kick your butt on any video game.
Details:18-year-old female, and the rest doesn’t matter. If you’re some old perv then look elsewhere. This may be the end of the world, but I’m not desperate. At least not yet.
Intent: Keeping my options open in case my friend Finn (who I hope will eventually be something more than my good buddy) catches this “zombie thing” that’s going around.
City: Currently homeless and touring the Midwest.
Ethnicity: White as Casper the Friendly Ghost (judge me all you want but some of us don’t see much of the sun).
Education: Forever a high school senior since these zombies screwed everything up.
What’s your fondest childhood memory?
Probably watching movies with my dad. He got me into Star WarsIndiana Jones, James Bond and all the 80s classics. VCRs were super expensive when I was young so we didn’t get one until I was in the sixth grade (wow I just really aged myself). Before that we had to watch everything on cable like a year after it was in theaters. I’ll forever be grateful for USA and my dad’s great taste.
On your iTunes, what song has the most plays?
Not surprisingly, it’s ‘Keep It Together’ by Trent Reznor (from Nine Inch Nails) and his his wife with their group How to Destroy Angels. It’s been a great mood generator for my WIP and I’m totally obsessed with it. Honestly, I love anything Trent gets his hands on. Sometimes I think I should’ve been a music composer for films like he is – I love how a song can totally set the mood for anything!
Finish the following sentence: I am ashamed to admit that I like…..
This is really hard because I’m old enough that I don’t feel ashamed of anything. In my old age I’ve totally embraced my weirdness. Maybe alcohol? But it would only be because some people don’t approve of drinking for fun. Sorry my answer is so boring.
If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
I may be a nerd, but I haven’t put a lot of thought into this one. I had to look up a list of all the powers on Wikipedia to form an educated answer. I think I would choose superhuman mentality. It says that you could gain abilities like psychokinesis and telepathy. I’d be so damn smart that I’d be lying on the beach drinking margaritas all day in front of my 12 million dollar home while others did my biding.
In one sentence, what is the philosophy of martial arts?
Kick ass skillfully before your own gets kicked…? My son is in tae kwon do and it’s more of a “self-defensive” martial arts.
What’s something you never want to hear on a date?
“You’re the designated driver.” (That solidifies my answer to #6…)
If you could have one mythical creature as a pet during a Zombie Apocalypse, what would it be and why?
Does Chewbacca count as “mythical”? Because I would feel totally safe with him. I think I had some kind of strange crush-like thing on Chewy when I was little. That guy never puts up with anyone trying to attack him, he’s really huggable and he can be pretty darn funny.
Make sure to check out Jen’s book The Day Zombies Ruined My Perfectly Boring Life, available now on Amazon. Click on the image to go to the Amazon page!
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