What the hell do stars dream of in winter? – Collection of Scifi and Fantasy Flash Fic

The past month, I’ve been hovering around Chuck Wendig’s blog terribleminds.com and participating in his flash fiction challenges, where I posted three stories on his blog. You can read two of them here:

The Last Temptation of Snow White: An emotionally damaged fairy-tale


Return to Eden: An Environmentally Friendly Apocalyptic Story

After a lot of amazing comments from my readers, I thought to myself ‘I’m going to give all my followers, fans, frienemies, imaginary friends… a collection of all these truly screwed up stories.’

On this frozen day of February, I’m pleased to announce “She Dreams of Lonely Stars,” a collection of six melancholy short stories!


This entire ebook can be read in one sitting while sipping on wine and listening to new age music, or if you’re a guy, while taking a dump on the toilet. If you’re looking for a quick thirty minute read, then definitely check out this book!

So how can I get my hands on a copy on this? Well the release date will be a surprise to everyone, except the followers of my blog or those that sign up for my email list.

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You can read a sample here:

Preview: Shadow of Wrath: Caged

That’s it for now! Fill your mind with my twisted thoughts and join the email list below! Trust me, it’ll be worth it.


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