Are You A Word Samurai, Destroying the Demonic Hellspawns of Doubt?

Unless you’re a complete narcissist and a writing sociopath, chances are at some point in your writing career you’re going to hate what you wrote and be affected by the negative comments of others.

 You’ll stare at the words littering the pages of your computer screen and say to yourself, “this is complete bullshit” and your finger will be tempted to press the ‘delete’ key and hold it until the little black letters on your screen are completely obliterated, any traces of your story extinct from this universe.

You, my friend, have just murdered your hard work. You have let the Demonic Hellspawns of Self-Doubt bitch slap you down like Batman punishing a naughty boy wonder. 

Look, here’s the reality. The first draft of any writer is shit. There are typos, grammar mistakes, and more plot holes in the story than a testimony by Ray Lewis. But hey, guess what? That’s what second and third drafts are for, along with the valuable advice from editors and beta readers.

If you’re beginning to feel self-loathing and ready to give up your dream of writing altogether, it’s time to develop the mentality of a Word Samurai and slice down the Demons of Doubt without mercy.

A Word Samurai is one that perseveres through adversity. A Word Samurai sees all the problems in his/her writing and strives to fix it, making it as perfect as humanly possible. A Word Samurai takes feedback from his/her beta readers and editors and learns from it, accepts it, and uses this invaluable knowledge to further develop his/her skills in the Art of Writing. A Word Samurai stares down the compulsive Master Haters (internet trolls and negative comment junkies who nitpick on things as small as their usefulness in society) in the eye, and ignores them, because really, they’re nothing more than dried-up horse shit, meant to be avoided.

A Word Samurai creates a second draft that’s readable, and then a third draft that’s outstanding. And even then, he/she is not pleased with the results. But his/her readers will love it anyway because they can see and feel the true spirit of a Word Samurai transcend through their work. And when the Word Samurai sees the readers praise and positive reviews, then he/she knows that they have destroyed the Demonic Hellspawns of Self-Doubt.

So tell me fellow writers, are you a Word Samurai? Give me a ‘Hell yeah!’ if you are, and comment on how you overcome negative doubt demons.

In return, I’ll give you this badge to place on your blog identifying you as a Word Samurai, and I’ll link your blog, twitter, facebook, and goodreads on my Word Samurai page.

Let’s kick some self-doubting ass together!