10 best websites for Indie Authors and Ass-Kicking Word Samurais!

Self-Publishing is dark and mysterious road for indie authors that are just starting out and it can be overwhelming without a little guidance. Luckily, there are plenty of amazing websites out there that can help shine a light on the entire business of publishing.

When I was looking into publishing my book Shadow of Wrath I was stepping into a foreign world and knew I needed some type of roadmap or compass.

For all you fellow Word Samurais out there, I have compiled a list of the ten best websites (in my opinion and in no particular order) that are filled with amazing info to help you during this crazy journey.


J.A. Konrath
You figure that a guy who has sold over a million books must be doing something right. His greatest advice to indie authors is to keep on writing and put out more books!

Lindsay Buroker
Lindsay’s a mastermind at self-publishing, sharing all the ideas that work and don’t work. Always love reading her blog and learning something new.

The website of Robin Sullivan, wife of Michael J. Sullivan. The blog seems to have ended in February 2012, but it’s still a goldmine of useful info.

Edward W. Robertson
The mad scientist of self-publishing, this guy knows how to crunch his numbers as well as keep a pulse on the latest market trends and changes to Amazon algorithms. Genius!

The Book Designer
I highly recommend signing up to receive the free book “10 Things You Need to Know About Self Publishing.” It’s fantastic and free!

The Creative Penn
Author Joanna Penn’s blog that’s full of helpful hints on book marketing as well as book publishing. She also does some pretty great videocasts that can be found on youtube too!

Mark Coker
The founder of Smashwords and advocate for book distribution to as many channels as possible. I highly recommend downloading his free book “Smashwords Book Marketing Guide.”

Jane Friedman
A great blog on writing and marketing in general. The former publisher of Writer’s Digest, she’s a gift for all us indie authors.

Robert Bidinotto
One of my early inspirations to take the leap into self-publishing, Robert is a wonderful success story. Email him and he’ll give you a free book on his tips of self-publishing!

The Passive Voice
Great for reading about the business side of things from the publishing world as well. Just read an interesting article on Createspace and sales reporting …


Well there you have it, 10 great websites to get all you indie authors started!

Are there any other websites that I’m missing? Let me know! In the meantime keep on writing and sharing folks!