A Fight to the Death Contest and Hollers!

This will be a pretty bitchin’ post as I got a lot to cover and I’m way behind. Yeesh..

As most of you know (and if you don’t, well now you do) that I’ve published my debut book Shadow of Wrath recently. What’s all the hoopla about? Check out the details about the book on my Shadow of Wrath Book page.

To mark this amazing release, I also have some amazing friends that are helping me spread the word so be sure to check out their blogs! (P.S. There’s prizes and giveaways so make sure to comment and follow each one of their blogs)

The Book Bloggers!

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The Awesome Friends!

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Which brings me to…

The Kick Ass Fight to the Death Contest!

Hosted on the amazing blog of Gabi Daniels. You can win a copy of Shadow of Wrath on there as well as a *signed copy* of Amy Bartol’s Premonition books.

It’s an inventive fan fiction contest that’s described as:


In Shadow of Wrath– Ryker, who is one of the biggest fictional jerk villains ever, makes boys fight to the death in a stone wall arena he created. Dog is forced to kill or be killed (yes, it very much reminded me of Hunger Games). Ryker watches from his balcony with his slave, Allegra at his side.

So here are the rules

Any two characters from any two books must fight to the death in an arena. Like a gladiator. Not cool with writing a death scene? No worries, my stories don’t end in death either. :-)

Please give a shout out to the authors of these books!!

It can be as short as you want or up to 1,000 words!

Is your favorite an alien? Warrior? Fallen Angel? Zombie? Vampire? Shadow Hunter? Undead *cough* (Brennus) Or just a regular guy?

If they have special powers– cool.

*Gabi, I’m not a writer! And why do we have to work so hard for free stuff on your blog!!??*

This is going to be fun!

We will call it fanfiction

Don’t worry about not being a writer either. It can be as simple as :



What are you waiting for? Head over to Gabi’s Fight to the Death Contest now!