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It’s good to have friends, don’t you think?

It’s been less than three weeks since my book Shadow of Wrath has been published and I’m already meeting some pretty awesome people. Make sure you check them out!

In no particular order, here they are:

Julie Presley: Christian author, Julie Presley, brings us this story of restoration and healing in Stones of Remembrance – a journey all about loss, discovery, healing and most importantly, love.

Victoria Sawyer: Angst. Anxiety. Panic. Victoria’s YA novel is like no other – it’s an insight into the dark struggles of a young college woman living with anxiety and it’s not for the faint hearted. Refreshing, raw and honest – be sure to take a look! 

Casey Voight: Casey will entrance you with her novel, The Dove: Book One of the Legend. It’s the first book in a five-part series that follows a young Native American woman through an epic quest that will forever change the course of history.

Erin Long: weaving tales of YA fantasy, Erin’s lead character, Grimore, is the niece of a sorcerer who finds herself plunged into a struggle between the forces of light and darkness.

Jocelyn Dex: this author claims ‘demons do it better’ and does her best to prove it to us in her erotic paranormal romance novels – find out for yourself…

Chelsea Falin: brings us the ‘Benson Family Chronicles’ with her distinct southern (US) voice.

A.D. Trosper: voted #1 Book of the Year in the Turning Pages Fantasy category, Book 1: Embers at Galdrilene, in The Dragon’s Call series, is certainly worth a look.

Jill Sanders: American contemporary romance author, Jill Sanders, brings us the ‘Pride series’ of books, set in the rolling hills of Oregon, the perfect backdrop for love.

Leti Del Mar: Leti offers readers an enticing mix of crime, intrigue and romance in her novel, The Inadvertent Thief.

Belinda Williams: Her book Radiant is a finalist for the 2013 Romance Writers of Australia Emerald Finalist award.

So for this wonderful blog hop I’m posting an excerpt of Shadow of Wrath for you all to check out.



“I want to know what makes you afraid,” Ryker said.


Ryker looked at Dog with a scrutinizing eye before agreeing. “I can see that, but it’s only a matter of time. In the Arena, everyone learns to fear something.”

“I doubt it,” Dog replied as he finished the last scraps of his meal.

When they were both done, Ryker had the slaves clear the plates and he motioned for them to follow him to the rear entrance. “I want to show you something Dog,” he said as he opened the back door in the kitchen leading to the yard. Once again Dallas’s gun jammed Dog in the back and he had no choice but to see what Ryker was up to.

In the center of the yard was a haggard looking man on his knees and tied to a wooden post. His face was bruised and swollen while tears and snot dribbled down his face. At the sight of Ryker, he began to beg.

“I’m sorry, please, don’t do this.”

Ryker walked over to his prisoner and crouched down so he could look into his red, wet eyes. “Tears are so useless at this point,” he said.

“I didn’t mean to hurt him,” the man said. “It was an accident. It just happened.”

“Consider all this an accident too,” Ryker said as he walked back to Dog. “I trusted that man there. I paid him well to be one of my guards. That job didn’t last very long. Do you know what he did?”

Dog shook his head.

“He betrayed my trust,” Ryker spat. “I gave him a job when no one else did. You know how hard it is for a child molester to get work these days? That was a mistake on my part, allowing him to work in a place filled with children. I’m sure you can fill in the blanks as to what this man did.”

“Sick,” Dallas chimed in. “Absolutely sick.”

“How’s what he did any different from us kids dying in the pits?” Dog asked.

“I paid for those kids,” Ryker cried out. “I paid for them to fight and die an honourable death. Instead, this selfish prick ruined my merchandise.”

Ryker walked over to the porch and picked up a red jerry can and lugged it back and handed it to Dallas. Dog smelled the gasoline from where he stood.

“Dallas, would you mind doing the honours?”

“Pleasure boss,” Dallas replied as he gripped the can by the handle and walked over to the screaming prisoner.

“God, don’t do this! Please don’t,” he pleaded.

“Sorry, I’m not god, and even then I’m pretty sure he’s not too fond of your kind either,” Dallas said as he started splashing the gasoline over the man.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” the man gasped in between sobs, but he was drowned out by the sloshing sounds of the gasoline thrown into his face. He spluttered and spat out the liquid from his mouth.

When Dallas was finished, Ryker reached into his pockets and pulled out a lighter.

“So Dog, this is my second gift for you tonight,” Ryker said. “I will give you the freedom of choice. You can decide whether this man lives or dies. What will it be? Thumbs up or thumbs down?”

The man was reduced to an oily slobbering mess and Dog closed his eyes and tried to drown out the screams. He thought long and hard before replying to Ryker.

“If I told you to let the guy live, would you listen to me anyway?” he asked.

“I’m a man of my word,” Ryker said.

And with those words, Dog made his decision. “Burn him.”

Ryker howled and raised his hands to the star-filled sky. “Our champion has spoken. Thumbs down it is.” Ryker flicked open the cap of the lighter, ignited it with his thumb, and tossed it at the gasoline-drenched man who screamed as if he were possessed.

“Ever watch a man burn?” Ryker asked. Dog shook his head and watched as the flames danced to the chorus of the pedophile’s inhumane shrieking.

“It’s quite gruesome. Their skin blisters and bursts just before it melts off,” Ryker said. “It was disturbing the first time I saw it, but now, I find it quite entrancing.”

Dog felt the heat from the fire and watched as the sizzling embers floated upwards into the sky.


End excerpt


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