Your amazing reviews, Mind Orgasms, and the Great Beyond!

So it’s been a little less than a month, but I’m thrilled by the number of sales and the great reviews I’ve already received for my young adult book, SHADOW OF WRATH. I’m not going to lie, every great comment I get is like a mind orgasm (or mindgasm?)  for me.

Here are some of my favorites:

“A story of how to find hope in the most hopeless of places and situations…L.W. Patricks creates characters you either care deeply about or hate with such passion…a true talent. This book is a definite must read.” – Chrissy – 5 stars

“I loved how there were no rules in this book, breaking pace with what is out there. It was dark and edgy and kept you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next.” – Cait – 5 stars

“What I enjoy most about reading Dystopian novels are these worlds that are created, and characters that face the ruthless horrors of these worlds….Shadow of Wrath is no exception.” – Gabi – 5 stars

I highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy fast paced and cut throat action as well as heart wrenching displays of heroism in the cruelest of circumstances.” – Fumiko – 5 stars

Just Wow!! A MUST READ” – Lizannd – 5 stars

Edgy. Raw. Exciting. I can think of a dozen other amazing adjectives to describe Patricks’s debut novel, but I’m still not sure they’d do it justice.” – Jena – 5 stars

There was a couple of times I was like “did that really happen?“” – Jenn – 4 stars

The best part for me was the ending, it was so chilling and unexpected it left me thinking about it for days.” – Lisa – 5 stars

L.W. Patricks creates an excellent young adult thriller that’s as good as hunger games and maze runner, and as shocking as game of thrones.” – Amazon Fan – 5 stars


Now that I’m on cloud 9 with such great reviews, what’s up next for me? Well I’m working on two projects. The first one is AWAKE THE GHOSTSa continuation to the story and the world I created in SHADOW OF WRATH. At the same time I’m working on a novella geared towards the New Adult crowd entitled CITY OF INDECENCYI describe it as an erotic version of Lost with quirky and sexy characters in a story full of mystery, intrigue, and of course…sweet love making.

Here are the first few paragraphs from both titles. ***Warning*** The City of Indecency is rated M for Mature.



So this is what an apocalypse looks like, he thought as he wandered down Victoria Boulevard, once the most quant and picturesque street in Baroque City. It saddened him to see many of the shops and buildings he used to loved, razed to the ground; thick grey smoke drifting into the air as if to escape the horrors of the area.

Thick flakes of snow drifted from the sky, blending in with the dark grey ashes that danced about in the winter air.

He found it funny that up until a couple of months ago, he had never seen a dead body before. And now the streets were littered with them. He tried not to look at any of their faces; though not because he didn’t care, but because he couldn’t handle the guilt.

The destruction of Baroque City was entirely his fault, there was no denying it. Every dead body that lay on the ground was a direct result of his actions; or his inability to control them.

But he was here to make things right again. Somewhere, amidst the chaos and destruction was the girl he once cared for. Hell, he still cared for her with all his heart.

But in order to set things right again, he needed to send her to the afterlife. There just wasn’t any other way.

It was irony at its most sadistic.


City of Indecency Excerpt: Rated M for Mature

Joshua had awoken in some strange predicaments before —  the Vegas incident was the first to come to mind, where he was discovered sleeping off his drunkenness in a wheel chair while parked in the hotel lobby, wearing only a stripper’s bra atop his head and a diaper to hide his shame — but this…this was definitely his Sistine Chapel of fucked up awakenings.

First, he was naked.

Second, he had a raging hard on, which was fairly typical of any other morning, but to have one while lying on his back on the concrete ground and inside the centre of a satanic ritual circle; that was just bizarre.

How did he get here? And how long had he been lying ass-naked on the ground with his dick pointed to the sky like a homing beacon?

Joshua stood up and dusted the stones and grit off his bare skin, staring at the archaic circle drawn around him in thick, red blood that still looked fresh. The numbers and symbols outlying the circumference were crude looking and their meanings were anyone’s guess.

“Holy shit,” Joshua thought aloud. “I’m being sacrificed.”

Scanning the area, it seemed that he was at the centre of a town square, surrounded by white picket fences, efflorescent gardens, and quaint little red-bricked shops. Overhead Joshua heard birds chirping, and with the sun’s rays beating down and the gentle gust of spring air breathing on his bare skin, it could have been picturesque. But it wasn’t. The entire thing was some spooky shit, reminiscent of the Stepford Wives or the Children of the Corn.

His first gut instinct was to call out for help, but he had seen enough horror movies to realize the potential gruesome outcomes if he did: zombies bursting through the windows and overwhelming him, ending with his face getting chewed off; or a masked serial killer stabbing him in the kidneys and then carving out his heart to cook in a stew; or a family of cannibal rednecks hunting him down in their big red jalopy and riddling his body with shot gun shells, roasting him over a spit afterwards for their midnight dinner. There was no way in hell Joshua was going to end up as someone’s dinner.

Not today. Not any day.

So instead of calling out for some assistance, he covered his genitals with his hands and ran towards the closest building, which to his luck ended up being a thrift store. Joshua peeked through the windows to see if there was another breathing soul inside. Empty.

This entire place a ghost town, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing for a paranoid and confused naked man running through the streets. At least his erection was gone.


So who’s as excited as I am?

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