A Fight to the Death Contest and Hollers!

This will be a pretty bitchin’ post as I got a lot to cover and I’m way behind. Yeesh.. As most of you know (and if you don’t, well now you do) that… Continue reading


20 Reasons to Consider My Edgy Young Adult Book: Shadow of Wrath

Guess what? I’m more excited than a chimp on a banana. Want to know why? Because my debut novel SHADOW OF WRATH is now available for purchase on Amazon! (P.S. for a limited time only,… Continue reading

10 best websites for Indie Authors and Ass-Kicking Word Samurais!

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Serial Fiction, A Killer Idea for Indie Authors?

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5 Tips for Creating Email Lists and Newsletters For New Authors

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Awesome Author Interviews – Davonna Juroe

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Are You A Word Samurai, Destroying the Demonic Hellspawns of Doubt?

Unless you’re a complete narcissist and a writing sociopath, chances are at some point in your writing career you’re going to hate what you wrote and be affected by the negative comments of… Continue reading

Yarrr Matey! Pirate My Book “She Dreams of Lonely Stars” You Scalleywag!

Human beings in general hate paying for shit. I know I do. So on this day, I announce that everyone who loves downloading free stuff to please, PIRATE MY BOOK “She Dreams of… Continue reading

Social Media Marketing for your book is like Internet Dating!

Long gone are the days when an author can write a book, sit on his ass, and wait for money to pour in (unless your name is Stephen King or J.K. Rowling). Your… Continue reading