What the hell do stars dream of in winter? – Collection of Scifi and Fantasy Flash Fic

The past month, I’ve been hovering around Chuck Wendig’s blog terribleminds.com and participating in his flash fiction challenges, where I posted three stories on his blog. You can read two of them here: The… Continue reading

Astonishingly Strange Author Interviews Pt.1: JEN NAUMANN –

Welcome to the first instalment of Astonishingly Strange Author Interviews. Over the course of my writing career, I’ve met some incredible and fun authors that I think the rest of the Universe (i.e.… Continue reading

New Shadow of Wrath Cover: Because the old one was for Sissies

Because you demanded it (and when I say ‘you’, I mean the people lucky enough to have read my book already), here’s a new and updated cover for Shadow of Wrath! Now you’re… Continue reading

The Spectacular Writing of a Child with A Dream – I’m still laughing after posting this one…

Even as a child, I always had the dream of becoming a writer. I remember sitting in my room, writing countless stories on lined paper with an HB pencil, building worlds that made… Continue reading

Flash Fiction: The Path of Crows – A Kung Fu Fable

The boy’s sorrow was a mask and buried deep within his glossy eyes were the smoldering embers of vengeance. Zhang, the old teashop owner, pitied him. “You’re not here for tea leaves,” Zhang… Continue reading

Flash Fiction: The Last Temptation of Snow White

“You look like a slut,” Snow White’s magic mirror had said, just before she and Red Riding Hood entered into the Satanic Gateway (which was really a crude pentagram they had drawn in… Continue reading

The 10 Commandments of Self Publishing Part 5: Marketing, Amazon, Synopsis, and Patience!

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The Ten Commandments of Self Publishing Part 4: Law 6 – Social Media

Welcome back and happy holidays everyone! May the new year put us all on the best sellers list. For the past few weeks, I’ve been writing a series of articles on the Ten… Continue reading

The Ten Commandments of Self-Publishing Pt.3 :Laws 5 Trolls

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The Ten Commandments of Self-Publishing Pt 2: Law Number 4 – A Kick Ass Cover

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