She Dreams of Lonely Stars



Explore the melancholy universe through the eyes of a dreamer in this stunning collection of six very short stories of science fiction and fantasy.

Discover who are “Dancing Amongst the Stars” and the sinister nature of this abstract ballet.

Regret is a terrible thing, especially when the world is about to end. Can you fix the past when the present is crumbling around you? Find out in “Senses.”

In “Return to Eden,” Mother Nature has finally had enough and unleashes her wrath upon mankind. When one world ends, another begins. Who’s left standing in this environmentally friendly apocalyptic tale?

The pursuit of vengeance is filled with darkness and omens. In this Kung Fu fable, find out exactly where “The Path of Crows” leads.

Creation can occur in the strangest of places. In fact, who’s to say that there isn’t a “Universe Inside of Me?”

And finally, witness the self-destruction of one of our most beloved childhood fiction characters in an emotionally damaged fairy tale entitled “The Last Temptation of Snow White.”

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the stars and find out just exactly what they dream of at night?

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