How my book cracked the top ten bestsellers in 3 Amazon categories

I’m excited to announce that my book Shadow of Wrath has cracked the top ten in 3 Amazon categories: Scifi Dystopian, Children’s Books Science Fiction, and Teen Science Fiction. [Related: Shadow of Wrath]… Continue reading

Are Blog Tours Good for Marketing My Books? Results of my first blog tour

Recently I completed my first blog tour for Shadow of Wrath: two gruelling weeks of interviews, guests posts, and anxiously waiting for bloggers to hack my new mature teen book to pieces, like volatile reading… Continue reading

The Most Controversial Teen Fiction Books of All Time – Pt 2.

Welcome to part 2 of the most controversial teen fiction books. This week, we’ll take a look at the 90s and the books that parents found too despicable for their teenage kids. Updated… Continue reading

The Most Controversial Teen Fiction Books Of All Time – Pt. 1

What are the most controversial teen fiction books of all time? Updated Commentary April 28, 2013: In my original post, I tried to be ‘diplomatic.’ Then I realized, screw it. My updated comments in… Continue reading

My First Book Blog Tour: The Shadow of Wrath

So I’m participating in a book tour for my debut dystopian and urban fantasy teen novel, Shadow of Wrath which is being run by Giselle over at Xpresso Book Tours. Find out what… Continue reading

Your amazing reviews, Mind Orgasms, and the Great Beyond!

So it’s been a little less than a month, but I’m thrilled by the number of sales and the great reviews I’ve already received for my young adult book, SHADOW OF WRATH. I’m not… Continue reading

Writing Outside Your Comfort Zone – Lost Bets and Time Travel Erotica

I’ll start this post off with a cautionary fable: “Once upon a time, some writer guy got drunk on St. Patrick’s day, lost a bet, and had to write an erotic short story… Continue reading

Discover Indies Blog Hop Shadow of Wrath Giveaway!

It’s good to have friends, don’t you think? It’s been less than three weeks since my book Shadow of Wrath has been published and I’m already meeting some pretty awesome people. Make sure… Continue reading

An awkward Fairy Tale – How an author got into writing

Once upon a time in a bedroom far, far, away… There was a seven-year old boy who was a coward. He was especially afraid of the mirror in his bedroom, which he secretly… Continue reading

The Next Big Thing!

So I’ve been tagged for the Next Big Thing now, twice for that matter. First by Ty Patterson @  way back in December (I’m sorry it’s taken this long…I’m a horrible person) and recently… Continue reading